Automotive Tech

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How would you rate yourself on the following?

Electrical diagnosis and repair skills
Heavy mechanical (power train, drive train, exterior) skills
Interior mechanical repair skills
Repair speed
Repair work precision

Aptitude Questionnaire

Strongly AgreeSomewhat AgreeNeutralSomewhat DisagreeStrongly Disagree
1. I enjoy working in a team oriented environment.
2. I am able to quickly adapt to changes in my environment.
3. I am intrigued by the work environment that an international company offers, and do not believe that cross cultural communication would impeded my proficiency.
4. I enjoy working with people and assisting my co-workers for the benefit of the company as a whole.
5. I prefer spontaneity in my life, rather than routine plans.
6. I enjoy completing a task on my own, rather than collaborating with others.
7. When it comes to completing a project, my focus is on finishing the task as quickly as possible.
8. I prefer to work in an environment that is routine and predictable.
9. I enjoy traveling for work, and do not mind traveling 90% of the time if the job requires it.
10. I do not mind working on weekends or holidays, as long as I am paid accurate overtime and double time pay when applicable.
11. I require concrete instructions when working on a project, rather than loose guidelines.
12. I like being able to anticipate my workload, rather than having my workload change on a daily basis.
13. I am passionate about the work that I do within my profession, and I find fulfillment in enhancing my knowledge on a daily basis.