Automotive Technician

Vence AL 35490, United States
10/04/2018 08:27:33
Automotive Technician – New Model Launch Specialist

As a service provider to the automotive manufacturing industry our business unit supports the European OEM’s manufacturing and assembly operations in the southeastern U.S.
Our focus is on quality management and ensuring that vehicles shipped from the assembly plants fulfill the highest level of quality.

When vehicles are assembled they undergo several rigorous quality checks in the process. As they come off the assembly line any write-ups need to be addressed, diagnosed and repairs as well as retrofits be performed.
Currently and over the next couple of years the European OEM’s are launching several new models in their U.S. factories and have an increased need for support.

Therefore, we have openings for Technicians with different levels of experience, skills and qualifications:
• Level 1 Technician: OEM Certification or Master Certification (preferably European), 5+ years of experience, highly skilled and can perform diagnostics and repairs in any areas of the vehicle
• Level 2 Technician: OEM Certification or independent shop experience with ASE certifications, 5+ years of experience, well skilled and can perform diagnostics and repairs in most areas of the vehicle
• Level 3 Technician: 2+ years of experience working on cars, preferably automotive college degree and/or ASE certifications, skilled and motivated to learn and improve
Some important prerequisites to understand:
• In this business our #1 focus is on quality and a passion for detail, speed only comes second!
• Pay is NOT based on Flat Rate but is Hourly, Overtime at 1.5, Sunday/Holiday at double time
• Some positions require shift work (early-, late-, or night shift) with a premium paid for night shift
• Minimum of 39 hours per week and during peak times hours may go up to just over 70 hours per week
• Openings are for 6-, 12-, 18-months, or open-ended assignments
• A few of the openings may ask for availability to travel-assignments (lodging, per Diem, mileage expenses are reimbursed in those cases)
• Main Locations are:
o Tuscaloosa/AL
o Greenville/SC
o Charleston/SC
• Other Locations may include Brunswick/GA, Jacksonville/FL, Baltimore/MD, Los Angeles/CA
• We offer competitive pay and excellent benefits!
• All candidates have to pass a drug test and a background check!
Some fun facts:
• Gloves may need to be worn at times – that is to protect the vehicles, not the hands! No grease, rust, etc.! All work is performed on brand new vehicles!
• You learn to work on the latest and greatest in technology that is just about to hit the market!
• Most work is performed in clean, air-conditioned factory environment, only some work may be outside!
• Tools are provided, no need to bring your own tools!
• For highly motivated and skilled Candidates these positions may be a door opener to a career in the manufacturing industry and potentially even to an engineering level position!
• For any candidate having worked in one of these positions and actually being a real “factory trained” technician this is an excellent reference when seeking employment e.g. with any dealership! This can really boost your career!
• Some of the Level 1 positions may be eligible for relocation support!

If this is something you are interested in and/or if you have any questions, then please contact us soon!
If you know anybody that might be interested, then please feel free to also pass this on!